Ramona & Hard Sulks Split

by Hard Sulks

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released April 14, 2017


all rights reserved



Hard Sulks Portland, Oregon

Hard Sulks is a sad punk outfit based in Portland, Oregon. For fans of crying over old love letters while drinking a $3 bottle of wine and talking trash about your misogynistic ex-boyfriend.

We are Hard Sulks and we sulk hard.
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Track Name: Alaska's Good
I'm doing alright
I lost my job today
I'm doing just fine
My boyfriend left me
But I'm waking up and
I'm getting out of bed
I'm doing alright
Yeah, I'm doing okay

I'm doing alright
My bank account's empty
I'm doing just fine
I can't stay healthy
But I'm waking up and
I'm getting out of bed
I'm doing alright

I'm doing alright
All my friends hate me
I'm doing just fine
So don't try and help me
'Cause I'm waking up and
I'm getting out of bed
I'm doing alright

But I'm so tired
And you don't care
It's no surprise since you were never there

I'm doing alright
And I'm waking up
And I'm getting out of bed

I'm doing alright
I'm doing just fine
Track Name: Moaning Myrtle
Another night
Another show
You couldn't go
I guess, you're too cool for that
Whoa, what was I thinking
You must've been mistaken
For a better you
It's such a pity
Such a beautiful soapbox
But you've got nothing worth saying

Whoa, we know you're famous
But stop complaining
Please stop complaining

And when your love leaves you behind
Please tell him I said good-bye
And when your heart falls again
Please know that we aren't friends
And when they forget about you
I'll be hoping you're alone
So tell me, what happens when your star fades out?
Track Name: Okay I Believe You, But My Body Just Won't
I'm finding it hard to find more reasons
To get out of bed
I feel so stupid half the time
And wonder if this is how it feels to be dead
And everything hurts
But these pills won't make it stop
These thoughts follow me everywhere
But they're the only friends I got

And everything just moved so fast
Like a car crash in the snow
I guess I wasn't paying attention
I must've somehow lost control
The brakes were squealing
And my head went spinning into the ditch
So now I'm stranded here trying to get over this

But I'm trying
To start climbing
Out of this hole that I've dug for myself

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